Jul 18

Another Scammer Busted!

Hi guys, long time no speak 🙂

As solo ads continue, the scammers just keep on coming! And my buddy Paul De Sousa busts yet another in his usual fine style – called Tom Kent. This is a shame for me, as I remember way back in the day, about 3 years ago when I first started doing solo ads – Tom and I used to do (legit) business together all the time. Yet more proof if you need it that this business is full of cowboys and blaggers. I cannot stress enough to take care when buying clicks. Never rush into a purchase and always check out buyer credentials – length of time in the business, testimonials, sales page, etc etc.

Paul made a video all about how he busted this cheating scumbag Tom – required watching!

Until next time….

Dec 13

Using Bonus Links In Your Broadcast Mails

If you are doing solo ads, then you’re most likely sending out daily broadcast mails, keeping a careful eye on those open and click rates as you deliver traffic to your customers.

If you’re still building your list as a solo ad buyer and not yet doing broadcasts, this post still applies to you, as you should have a set of follow-up mails in place going out to your subscribers.

Broadcast or follow-up, your mail will be set out in swipe format, with links… as usual right?

Something like this :

Example Swipe

All well and good, and if your swipe content is on point – broadcasts like this, using good copy, will get clicks all day long.

BUT – I can tell you right now that if you aren’t using “bonus” links at the bottom of your emails – you are missing out on extra traffic!

Remember when selling traffic – every last click counts!

Here’s the above mail exactly the same, but with bonus links at the bottom :

Example Swipe With Bonus Links

You can put as many ‘bonus’ links in as you like. Some people use 1, I usually add in 3, but I’ve seen broadcasts go out with up to 5 extra links down at the bottom.

Everyone loves to think they are getting something free, or ‘extra’.

Mails using this format will pull extra traffic all day long, as people receiving these kind of swipes will click both the links in your main email, plus one or more of your bonus links as well.

Before you may have been getting 1 click per subscriber from your mails at best.

Using this method you can see up to 3, 4, or more – it all depends on how many bonus links you add!

Set these bonus links to go to anywhere you like – clickbanking, affiliate offers, CPA, other squeeze pages, PPL… it’s completely up to you.

Personally I set them the to go to the same link as the ‘Link To Squeeze Page’, so every click from the mail goes into my outgoing solo ad rotator.

Note : This will produce duplicate clicks.

But as I always have multiple orders in my outgoing rotator (set in spillover mode of course) this is no problem. Every click coming into my rotator has somewhere to go.

If you’re using bonus links in your emails and only have one link in your outgoing rotator – then add some more underneath in spillover mode, and do it pronto!

Add links in underneath your customer order(s) to other rotators that you control, containing click banking links, CPA links, clickbank.com affiliate links, or whatever you choose.

Just don’t waste any clicks!

By using bonus links in your broadcast, or follow-up mails – you’re maximising the amount of clicks you can pull from your list.

And as I said before – when selling traffic – every last click counts.

Until next time…. 🙂

Nov 21

Eliminate 1.10 SpamScore In Get Response

Maybe some of you figured this out already, maybe you didn’t. I had a 1.10 spamscore on all my out going Get Response emails for soooo long I’d (almost) stopped letting it drive me mad. All mails were sending fine, and getting opens / clicks, but little niggles like this just plain annoy me!

1.10 Spam Score Get Response

I finally worked out how to get rid of this pesky 1.10 spam score, and for the first time on One Stop Solos, I’ve made a video detailing how you can do the same.

Here comes the science bit – pay attention….

…….and please be gentle with me – I’ve never done this before 🙂

It’s only a couple of minutes long and should clear up any problems you may have been having.

Like this video? Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

Until next time……

Nov 17

Working From Home

Not 100% Solo Ad related, but I had to share this brilliant post from The Oatmeal I saw about working from home. If you’ve been doing IM for any length of time I’m sure you’ll recognise many points – both good and bad – in this latest comic from The Oatmeal.

Go here to check out the full post or just click the graphic below…..

The Oatmeal Working From Home

Oct 24

Solo Ads Blacklist – A Must See

Following on from my post 2 weeks ago – I thought you should all be made aware of this new website Solo Ads Blacklist. Another helpful resource listing many known scammers in the industry.

It’s a sad state of affairs that we even needs websites like this, but this is the internet.
Scammers are everywhere, in pretty much every single area of Internet Marketing.

Scammers Are Everywhere

Solo Ads Blacklist has a big list of yet more people to avoid when buying solo ads, plus a very handy page detailing ‘Avoid These Types Of People‘. I’m going to paste these over here as they are on point and very useful to newbies and experienced solo ad buyers alike.

(full credit to the author over @ Solo Ads Blacklist)

1. Anyone who joined Facebook recently as reliable people take time to build up a good reputation.

2. Anyone who has “Solo” or “Solo Ads” as their middle name.

3. Anyone who has 5 or less photos on Facebook.

4. Anyone who sells clicks cheaper than $0.30.

5. Anyone who gets consistent testimonials with 90%+ T1 traffic.

6. Anyone who comes from nowhere but is able to sell 100-3000 clicks.

7. Anyone who uses “solomaster” pre-made salespages.

8. Anyone who use free domains and free websites like weebly etc.

9. Anyone who says that he is working on his testimonials / sales page.

10. When you drag their profile image here  it’s not really their picture.

If you want to report a scammer to Solo Ads Blacklist you can do this too. Been scammed? Don’t be quiet about it! Use this form and report the scamming asshole so we can all have a safer community.

Another page is linked entitled ‘How To Recognise Fake Clicks‘. but it says coming soon. This will no doubt be very useful once posted and is worth looking out for. Bookmark Solo Ads Blacklist and keep checking back  – as far as I know new scammers and info are going to be added regularly.

Solo Ads Blacklist

It’s a total shame that this is happening to the solo ad industry and that we even need pages such as this. When I first got into solo ads 2 years ago it was a much nicer place, but as the market place has grown and got more popular, boom – the scammers have turned up. Thankfully helpful people out there are making websites such as this one so we can all keep abreast of people we should be avoiding.

Again – The best place to buy genuine solo ads online right now is this Facebook group

Also – Avoid anyone on this watchlist. Updated frequently.

I cannot stress how important it is in today’s Solo Ads climate to take your time before you buy clicks. Always look for testimonials WITH SALES. and a decent (long term) reputation is a must. Ask around. Talk to people. Buy small at first then build up. Check the responsiveness of your new subs.

Buy from long established sellers only. And lastly – if you do get scammed speak up about it! Get out there on Facebook and Skype and let people know about it. And report it to Solo Ads Blacklist.

Until next time!

Oct 10

Solo Ads in 2014 – The Brutal Truth

Buying solo ad clicks in 2014 has become a minefield. This year the marketplace has seen a huge influx of newbie buyers and sellers eager to get earning the so called ‘easy money’ that solo ads are supposed to provide. Fair enough you might think; solos can be easy money if you work (very) hard, are honest, build testimonials, re-invest your money, treat your customers nicely… etc etc. I’ve been working online for 20 years now and compared to other money making methods I’ve used, Solo Ads are a relatively easy way to start earning some money online.

Solo Ads - Easy Money?

However, along with the arrival of so many new people, a dark element has turned up that was not really around 12-18 months back. The scammers are here and they’re out in force. More and more unscrupulous sellers are selling extremely low quality clicks to unsuspecting newbies who don’t know any better. These assholes are getting more and more inventive in the way they sell YOU fake (bot) clicks, that add worthless subs to your list who will never click a link, let alone buy a product you or a client are selling. These clicks could be from somewhere like Ad.Fly, have an extremely low amount of tier 1 countries in them, or just be plain fake : either way you don’t want any of them on your list(s).

Just last week my good friend Paul De Sousa uncovered a massive traffic scam involving tens of thousands of clicks being provided, then re-sold by (some unknowing) clients as top quality, high tier 1 clicks, usually for (too) cheap prices. Read all about it here.

So what can you do? There are thousands of people selling solo ads now, some of them with very real looking (but fake) sales pages full of testimonials. On the surface they look good – but are they?

My advice for buying solos : 

Avoid anyone on this watchlist. Updated frequently.

Always buy from someone well established and look for great testimonials from multiple people. The best thing you can do in my eyes right now is join this Facebook group here. This group has testimonials from people selling solos who are known for generating sales on the back end – thus proving their traffic is real and potentially a money maker for you. These are the kind of subs you want on your list(s). Good solo ad clicks usually cost $0.45 or more – so be prepared to pay extra, and sometimes book ahead. If you do see someone offering 95-99% T1 clicks at a very low price i.e. $0.35 – steer well clear. They will be faker than Pamela Anderson’s tits.

Pamela Anderson's Tits

Talk to other people who are buying clicks. Ask for recommendations. As fast as people’s bad reputations get around, good ones do the same. Find reliable, honest sellers providing quality clicks then buy from them every month as they get new subs. By doing this you may even be able to haggle for a discount.

Be very suspicious of people who just popped up out of nowhere, and look closely at their testimonials if they even have any. There are poorly photoshopped ones I’ve seen on people’s Facebook pages such as these :

Fake Testimonial 1Fake Testimonial 2

Now obviously these are bogus – but trust me the fakes are getting better.

Do not buy clicks off anyone ‘brokering‘ (re-selling for others) Brokering featured heavily in the whole traffic scam I mentioned earlier in this post. Buying clicks from a broker means you are opening yourself up to all sorts of potential trouble. Avoid at all costs.

Steer clear of anyone trying to ‘rush’ you into a sale. There are thousands of solo sellers out there so take your time. If you are trying out someone new don’t go mad and buy 1000 clicks straight away. Test with a smaller order first, then when you see the clicks are real, your new subs are responsive and hopefully you get some sales on your OTO offer – feel free to commit to a bigger order.

And finally –

What seems too good to be true usually is just that.

Buyer Beware

Until next time…….

Jan 03

2014 Update For AdTrackzGold

Hi everyone and welcome to 2014! 🙂

Just a quick one today – if the title has mislead you I’m sorry – this is not the overhaul of AdTrackzGold we have been promised for many months… but the script did go wonky when we crossed over from 2013 – 2014 and stop counting both unique clicks and optins. I posted on Facebook about it and first Ed Newman came to my rescue with a fix he documented here on his blog. Not long after that the script author bought out a fix himself – I will paste his email in below so you can get the fix if you need it :

I just noticed that there is a small bug in the Ad Trackz Gold Script. As of today it stopped to track sales and actions and there is an issue with the statistics overview page.

Please download the following Bugfix at http://www.adtrackzgold.com/adtrackzgold-fix-script.zip

Just browse to your Ad Trackz Gold installation folder and replace the existing files with the ones in the zip archive. 
There is no need to re-install the script. If you need any help with the setup of the bugfix submit a ticket at https://support.tbitdesign.com

I am really sorry for the inconvenience and Happy New Year to you and yours!

So – no real harm done. I extracted the zip and uploaded the files inside, writing over the old ones, and everything started working again. No major panic – everything is counting well again. AdtrackzGold is still a great script and should be part of every solo ad buyer or seller’s arsenal. Have a great 2014 folks – here’s to making lots of money together…..


Nov 13

1000 Click Solo Order

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Your solo will start on the same day of payment, or the next day. If you would like it to start on a different date - no problem 🙂 Just let me know in the comments box below. Thank you.

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Sep 26

Solochecker Is Live!

Very happy to be able to share this one with you today guys – and it’s all good news for anyone involved in solo ads 🙂 Yesterday Solochecker.com launched – the world’s first real-time solo ad marketplace.


Whether you buy clicks, sell them, or both – you have to check this site out NOW. If you’ve been doing IM for any amount of time you will have no doubt heard the phrase “game changer” used over and over again – but in this case it really does apply. Like every new iPhone release – this. changes. everything!

So what makes Solochecker so good? Read on and I’ll tell you all about it 🙂

Firstly – joining up to the site as a buyer is 100% FREE! Unlike Safe-Swaps, there is no monthly charge if you want to buy solo ads thru Solochecker. Sellers – if you join up and get started selling soon, you can bag one of their exclusive limited free seller accounts.. but you better be quick….they are going fast!

It’s worth pointing out here too that Safe Swaps recently introduced an 11% charge on all transactions processed thru their site. Which is a) a total piss take, and b) even more reason to go take a look at Solochecker if you are in the solos business. This is going to cause a big shift in how things are done.

Next – as a solo ad buyer or seller – have you ever seen this when you log on in a morning? This is what my Skype and Facebook notifications look like every single day when I get out of bed… (groan)

Good Morning!

One word – bunfight. There’s way too much going on here. Yes, IM is a 24 hour business and we all know this – but look at all that information. It hurts my brain just looking at it. The sheer number of mouse clicks, scrolling and page views needed to even catch up on everything is insane. As things stand now :

As a buyer, I have about 50 different rooms and pages to choose from where I can go and look for clicks. All this takes time. There’s no real order. Everything is just piled in on top of the previous posts and you have to scroll down to see what’s been going on. You could well have missed a good deal from a few hours ago. Furthermore, there’s rarely any indication if clicks have actually sold once they are advertised, so I could easily waste heaps of time getting hold of sellers – only to find they have no more clicks left. The whole process is massively time consuming, and the last thing you need when trying to buy solos.

As a seller, I have to copy paste any ads to the same 50 different rooms and pages. Again – all this takes time that I haven’t really got. Once I post my ad it takes about 4 seconds for someone else to paste theirs and knock mine down the Facebook page or Skype group chat. 2 minutes later my ad is pushed all the way down where no one can see it, buried in a mass of other people’s posts. If I do make a deal and sell a click package from an advert of mine, going back to every copy of it and indicating that it’s been sold, would take forever. I often post an ad for a click package, sell it within minutes, then have another 6 people message me wanting to buy it over the next few hours. It’s extra hassle explaining to them that it’s unavailable, then takes even more time and effort trying to sell them packages for another date..


You can see from what I have written here that the current way of buying and selling solo ads online is… outdated? Stupid? A waste of time? Disorganised? Soul destroying? Yep – all of these things and more!

In short – it’s time for Solochecker.com

Solochecker is the world’s first real-time solo ad marketplace. Everything is done in one central place – making it super easy whether you are buying or selling solo ads. This gives you complete visibility of all available solo ad offers, and best deals.. for any date. Simply put, this means you spend less time searching for your perfect solo ad, and more time on what is important to you! Find and reserve your solo ad in seconds, not hours! I’ll add a couple of screenshots of the members area right here…

Members Area Screenshot

As a Solo Ad seller you can instantly display your offers to their ever growing audience of buyers searching for high quality, and dependable traffic. Solochecker’s newly developed real time technology guarantees your solo ads will be visible to the entire marketplace the very moment you include them.

Members Area Screenshot

I’ve been hawking solo ads for the last 9 months and am personally over the moon that Solochecker has launched. The whole industry has been crying out for something like this. I could spend more time going on about the site’s good points and benefits of being a member but why bother – just click this link here and read all about it for yourself over at the site! As I said before, this is a game changer. A real one. If you are involved in solo ads in any way – you owe it to yourself to get joined up over there immediately.

Lastly – Tim, one of the developers/owners of this site, is a good friend of mine and we’ve been working together on other projects for months. I know more than most how much time, energy, blood, sweat and tears has been put into getting this site developed and off the ground. It’s nothing short of exceptional.

Up your IM game! And join the Solochecker revolution today.

Sep 25

July 1st, 2013 – I Quit My Job To Do Solo Ads!

Wow I am a lazy ass

I'm A Lazy Ass!

Big apologies for not updating this blog for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS jesus (hangs head in shame)

Truth is – my solos business went into orbit and I was able to quit my job on July 1st of this year! I’ve been so busy that updating this blog has taken a bit of a back seat for a while. I barely left my apartment for the first half of 2013 – working up to 18 hour days, 7 days a week. At points I thought I was going mad, doing my previous (at home) IT job plus hustling solo ads on the side. If I wasn’t at my computers, I was in bed. It was one or the other. This was me – for 6 whole months. Day and freaking night… 🙁


Slowly but surely my solos business started to earn more and more money, and it crept up to making what I was earning from my job. It then overtook that, and got better, and better…. and better 🙂 Finally after 6 months of nearly working myself to death I felt financially comfortable enough to be able to turn round and fire my boss! Take that slag!

Dude - I Quit!

The satisfaction I got from being able to turn round and say “I QUIT” was one of the best things ever! No more boss. No more deadlines. No more crappy company ‘politics’. And no more low pay! I now get up when I want, work when I want, have no one telling me what to do – and I make a LOT more money.

Yep. I’m generally living the IM dream that you read about so often 🙂

More than anything, this blog post is proof that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Solo ads are a tried and tested business model that will make you money, provided you follow the steps laid out to you here on this blog, and in much more detail in my free ebook. Get your download now – over there on the right!

Back to business now, look for more posts coming very soon, including the next step(s) of my journey