Since several people have been asking me, I have decided to open up a few spots for dedicated Solo Ad coaching. I’m not even advertising this anywhere else as there are already plenty of ‘coaches’ out there hawking their business and I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes….

However – if you are interested in being coached ‘over the shoulder’ by somebody who’s been in the Solo Ads game for 2+ years, with many $1000+ days under his belt, from both click package sales and ‘back end’ money – please read on…

Getting into Solo Ads is NOT free. You WILL need money to get started – both to pay me, and to get set up with a domain, hosting, tracking script, an autoresponder, and a squeeze page or two.

Once this is done you will then need a budget for buying clicks to build up your email list(s). When they are up to a decent point you can turn round and start selling clicks to other buyers yourself.

This is how the Solo Ads game works :)

It takes money to make money, exactly the same as any other business.

And, while we’re on the subject of money, how would you feel about daily income like this?

Paypal Stats November 2014

The above Paypal screenshot is a typical day of selling click packages to hungry customers who come back week after week eager to spend more money with One Stop Solos.

This is what I call “front end” money.

Then on the “back end” – this could also be you – investing or re-investing your money, building a huge email list for FREE, AND earning a ridiculous daily income at the same time. 

How do you like the look of these “back end” numbers?

CPA earnings November

What about these ones?

CPA earnings October

Yep – it’s definitely possible to make a ‘job busting’ income from selling Solo Ads. I did it myself, and with the right guidance from someone who knows what they’re doing…. you can do it too.

Once again – this is not a free service. If you are serious about taking things to the next level, and have some money to invest; if you aren’t afraid of working hard online, and have the will to succeed – by all means get a hold of me and let’s find out if we can work together.

I’d love to talk to you.

You can contact me @ the following :

Dan Daniels Email

Email : imdandaniels [AT] gmail com

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Dan Daniels Skype

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