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Typically with IM you have multiple logins and passwords for multiple sites, most likely multiple email addresses (all with different passwords)…multiple forum logins / passwords.. and before too long keeping track of everything becomes a total nightmare. I’m pretty OCD with my organisation and have found that the best way to keep everything organised, together, and to hand – is in the form of an html sponsor page.

When I first started working online I would keep one text file for each sponsor/website/forum containing info such as 1) the original join email I received 2) user/pass 3) website url 4) any other notes. This worked fine, and kept things together in one directory on my computer, but once I got to 200+ sponsors/logins/passwords, searching through it all became a massive pain in the arse. I needed everything in one place, easily readable, plus it would be nice to have links there too, so I could click and get to where I wanted to go instantly. And so my sponsor page was born. Even better, this year I’ve switched to storing it on Dropbox, so worst case scenario – all my computers get stolen and/or my apartment burns down, I can move to any other computer, pull the page down from Dropbox, and carry on like nothing ever happened. The only password I ever have to remember now is my Dropbox one. If you decided to follow this method and use a sponsor page, make sure to keep that one password super safe!

I’ve uploaded an example of what a sponsor page should/could look like. Of course you don’t have to keep the same format, feel free to switch it up. If like me you have hundreds of different sponsors and logins, you can always make a few different pages, keep things sorted by niche, or whatever. I’m on a big monitor here, so can see this whole page fine. If you are on a smaller screen then you can obviously adjust table width, font size, and layout to suit.

Click here to see an example sponsor page (will open in a new window)
I’ve included a few sponsors and sites that I use on here, but adjusted all the links so nothing goes to anything personal of mine. Also all the logins and passwords are changed to user / pass.
Yes this page looks totally ghetto. It’s not supposed to be pretty, just to function, and it does that fine. ;)

Brief explanation of layout (if you really need it)

1) Sponsor Link user / pass

  • For every sponsor link, edit the text and html link, then I write the user and pass next to it in text.
  • Example : Twitter martin123 / hull34bird

2) Sponsor Link user / pass Ref

  • For every sponsor link, edit the text and html link, then I write the user and pass next to it in text.
  • The ‘Ref‘ after user / pass in this case is your referral link to the sponsor. Never get lost again when someone asks for your ref code. Right click – copy link location – paste. Job done!
  • Example : Dropbox funkylemon / rufflesabc Ref

Notes and tips : 

I set every link on my page to open in a new window. ( target=”_blank” ) This way my sponsor page is always open. I use this page more than any other, I even have it set as my home page. Setting your browser home page to your sponsor page means you can get to anywhere in your network with just two mouse clicks, including being able to pull out any ref code you might need to copy/paste.

Store your sponsor page on Dropbox, and edit it from Dropbox too! This way you know that whatever changes you make, are always going to be instantly stored on the cloud, and can instantly be pulled down on any other device (iPad, iPhone, friend’s computer, internet cafe, etc) Dropbox has a nifty plug in where it integrates with Finder (mac) and Windows Explorer (windows) so doing things this way is super easy.

Don’t want to use Dropbox? No problem – Google Drive offers the same kind of deal.

I usually have Dreamweaver open anyway, but whenever I sign up with any sponsor/program/forum I have got into the habit of instantly creating a new link for it on my sponsor page. How long it will take you to make a page like this initially depends on how many sponsors you are joined up with. But once you have everything down in one place, adding a new one here and there takes just a few seconds.

You don’t just have to keep this page to sponsor logins. I use mine as a bit of a ‘scratchpad’ as well, with links to other random pages I might use a lot, phone numbers, internet bank code logins, all sorts. If you don’t want to put very personal info up on there, fine – you don’t have to! It’s your page you can do what you like with it. If you do choose to store sensitive information on it, I suggest abbreviating the passwords in some way so only you will know what the full phrase is.

I’ll finish with saying that once I got a sponsor page up and online, my IM life became a LOT easier. I’ve never lost a login, password or ref link since. I can grab any data or ref code I need within two mouse clicks from any computer, anywhere. Get organised! Which in turn will give you more time to work. :)

Questions? Feel free to get in touch – details over on the right.

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