Maybe some of you figured this out already, maybe you didn’t. I had a 1.10 spamscore on all my out going Get Response emails for soooo long I’d (almost) stopped letting it drive me mad. All mails were sending fine, and getting opens / clicks, but little niggles like this just plain annoy me!

1.10 Spam Score Get Response

I finally worked out how to get rid of this pesky 1.10 spam score, and for the first time on One Stop Solos, I’ve made a video detailing how you can do the same.

Here comes the science bit – pay attention….

…….and please be gentle with me – I’ve never done this before 🙂

It’s only a couple of minutes long and should clear up any problems you may have been having.

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Until next time……

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Peter Beckenham · September 7, 2015 at 9:10 am

Hey Dan. Great tip about using the plain text option to improve spam score and inboxing potential. Thanks for sharing – I always seem to learn golden nuggets from you mate.

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