Solo Ads in 2014 – The Brutal Truth

Buying solo ad clicks in 2014 has become a minefield. This year the marketplace has seen a huge influx of newbie buyers and sellers eager to get earning the so called ‘easy money’ that solo ads are supposed to provide. Fair enough you might think; solos can be easy money if you work (very) hard, are honest, build testimonials, re-invest your money, treat your customers nicely… etc etc. I’ve been working online for 20 years now and compared to other money making methods I’ve used, Solo Ads are a relatively easy way to start earning some money online.

Solo Ads - Easy Money?

However, along with the arrival of so many new people, a dark element has turned up that was not really around 12-18 months back. The scammers are here and they’re out in force. More and more unscrupulous sellers are selling extremely low quality clicks to unsuspecting newbies who don’t know any better. These assholes are getting more and more inventive in the way they sell YOU fake (bot) clicks, that add worthless subs to your list who will never click a link, let alone buy a product you or a client are selling. These clicks could be from somewhere like Ad.Fly, have an extremely low amount of tier 1 countries in them, or just be plain fake : either way you don’t want any of them on your list(s).

Just last week my good friend Paul De Sousa uncovered a massive traffic scam involving tens of thousands of clicks being provided, then re-sold by (some unknowing) clients as top quality, high tier 1 clicks, usually for (too) cheap prices. Read all about it here.

So what can you do? There are thousands of people selling solo ads now, some of them with very real looking (but fake) sales pages full of testimonials. On the surface they look good – but are they?

My advice for buying solos : 

Avoid anyone on this watchlist. Updated frequently.

Always buy from someone well established and look for great testimonials from multiple people. The best thing you can do in my eyes right now is join this Facebook group hereThis group has testimonials from people selling solos who are known for generating sales on the back end – thus proving their traffic is real and potentially a money maker for you. These are the kind of subs you want on your list(s). Good solo ad clicks usually cost $0.45 or more – so be prepared to pay extra, and sometimes book ahead. If you do see someone offering 95-99% T1 clicks at a very low price i.e. $0.35 – steer well clear. They will be faker than Pamela Anderson’s tits.

Pamela Anderson's Tits

Talk to other people who are buying clicks. Ask for recommendations. As fast as people’s bad reputations get around, good ones do the same. Find reliable, honest sellers providing quality clicks then buy from them every month as they get new subs. By doing this you may even be able to haggle for a discount.

Be very suspicious of people who just popped up out of nowhere, and look closely at their testimonials if they even have any. There are poorly photoshopped ones I’ve seen on people’s Facebook pages such as these :

Fake Testimonial 1Fake Testimonial 2

Now obviously these are bogus – but trust me the fakes are getting better.

Do not buy clicks off anyone ‘brokering‘ (re-selling for others) Brokering featured heavily in the whole traffic scam I mentioned earlier in this post. Buying clicks from a broker means you are opening yourself up to all sorts of potential trouble. Avoid at all costs.

Steer clear of anyone trying to ‘rush’ you into a sale. There are thousands of solo sellers out there so take your time. If you are trying out someone new don’t go mad and buy 1000 clicks straight away. Test with a smaller order first, then when you see the clicks are real, your new subs are responsive and hopefully you get some sales on your OTO offer – feel free to commit to a bigger order.

And finally –

What seems too good to be true usually is just that.

Buyer Beware

Until next time…….

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