Using Bonus Links In Your Broadcast Mails

If you are doing solo ads, then you’re most likely sending out daily broadcast mails, keeping a careful eye on those open and click rates as you deliver traffic to your customers.

If you’re still building your list as a solo ad buyer and not yet doing broadcasts, this post still applies to you, as you should have a set of follow-up mails in place going out to your subscribers.

Broadcast or follow-up, your mail will be set out in swipe format, with links… as usual right?

Something like this :

Example Swipe

All well and good, and if your swipe content is on point – broadcasts like this, using good copy, will get clicks all day long.

BUT – I can tell you right now that if you aren’t using “bonus” links at the bottom of your emails – you are missing out on extra traffic!

Remember when selling traffic – every last click counts!

Here’s the above mail exactly the same, but with bonus links at the bottom :

Example Swipe With Bonus Links

You can put as many ‘bonus’ links in as you like. Some people use 1, I usually add in 3, but I’ve seen broadcasts go out with up to 5 extra links down at the bottom.

Everyone loves to think they are getting something free, or ‘extra’.

Mails using this format will pull extra traffic all day long, as people receiving these kind of swipes will click both the links in your main email, plus one or more of your bonus links as well.

Before you may have been getting 1 click per subscriber from your mails at best.

Using this method you can see up to 3, 4, or more – it all depends on how many bonus links you add!

Set these bonus links to go to anywhere you like – clickbanking, affiliate offers, CPA, other squeeze pages, PPL… it’s completely up to you.

Personally I set them the to go to the same link as the ‘Link To Squeeze Page’, so every click from the mail goes into my outgoing solo ad rotator.

Note : This will produce duplicate clicks.

But as I always have multiple orders in my outgoing rotator (set in spillover mode of course) this is no problem. Every click coming into my rotator has somewhere to go.

If you’re using bonus links in your emails and only have one link in your outgoing rotator – then add some more underneath in spillover mode, and do it pronto!

Add links in underneath your customer order(s) to other rotators that you control, containing click banking links, CPA links, affiliate links, or whatever you choose.

Just don’t waste any clicks!

By using bonus links in your broadcast, or follow-up mails – you’re maximising the amount of clicks you can pull from your list.

And as I said before – when selling traffic – every last click counts.

Until next time…. :)

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