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Now that you have a funnel uploaded, you need something to put ‘behind’ your squeeze page. This is the next page the surfer will see once they sign up to your mailing list, and the one before they actually get to the free gift you have on offer. You can put up different kinds of pages here other than an OTO, and I will cover these in future posts, but right now we are going to go over what’s called a One Time Offer page, or OTO for short. Of course you don’t have to put an OTO page in your sequence at all, but it seems silly not to, especially when it gives you a chance to snag some sales for $$ along the way :)  An OTO is the option most people use when doing Solo Ads, especially when they first get going.

So our sequence of pages will be as follows :

1) Funnel with AR form + optin offer such a free gift/ebook/report/etc
2) OTO page
3) Download page for free gift + PPL banners

Now the three steps I have outlined above are not the law – people tend to use variations on a theme here and the more you learn about the solos market, the more you will probably end up changing your own sequence of pages around slightly until you settle on one that works best for you and your list. Steps 1-3 above are what I was advised to use when I first started in solos so this is what I did. There are no hard and fast rules – I am merely outlining the basics here. More advanced options and methods will be covered later on in this journey.

What does an OTO page consist of / look like? Be easiest to show you – here is one : Click Here
You can see it’s basically a sales page with one or more ‘Buy Now’ paypal buttons, then a continue link right down at the bottom to get to the page where your free gift is (the one subscribers to your list signed up to get!) When you buy a decent PLR (private label rights) product you will get all the graphics, web/sales pages, buy button and such like included. All you have to do is put your paypal button code into the webpage so any monies paid go to you, upload them, and you’re set :) The idea here is to ‘snag’ people who optin on your list to buy your one time offer on their way to your download page. Depending on the quality of the clicks you buy, and the quality/price of your product – will depend on how many OTO sales you get. Please don’t think you will get 10 sales a day from your OTO page, BUT provided you pick a good product you should get some, and this is all more money going into your paypal account, which you can then turn around and invest into yet more solo ads to build your email list with.

Where do I get these OTOs from to put on my page(s)? These are mostly known as PLR products, or Private Label Rights. You can download some of them for free, or pay a small amount for others. Included in the price are your (private, label) rights to re-sell and rebrand the product – hence the name! Some good sites to get PLR from are as follows :

Master Resale Rights
Easy PLR
Resell Rights Weekly
Free PLR eBooks
PLR Assassin
PLR eBook Club

Take a look around and pick one you think would do well. I’ve found that list building guides, getting traffic guides, and general make money online (MMO) kind of offers do best. Remember people signing up for solos lists are generally of the ‘make a buck quickly’ variety so bear that in mind when selecting a product.

Advanced / alternative OTO options

Once you get going and have optins coming into your list, feel free to play around with your one time offer page! You don’t just have to upload one then leave it there. Experiment with different price points and offers. You can never do enough testing in this business, and your OTO page is no exception. I put my first OTO offer up priced at $7, and was promptly advised that this was too cheap, and that a) I should price the first offer a little higher (anywhere between $12-$17) plus b) I should use not one but two OTO pages. In this case the surfer would optin to your list, then be redirected to the first OTO page with a higher price point. If they ignore this page and don’t buy your product, hit them with a second, cheaper OTO offer on the next page, before they finally get redirected to your free product at the end.

Another way of thinking in solo ads is to miss an OTO page out altogether, and instead redirect to clickbanking after optin. This, again, will be covered in future posts. What I am doing right now is outlining the basics so you, as a newbie, can get up and running as quickly as possible without getting too overwhelmed. As I said earlier – what’s outlined in my blog posts here are not the law. You could make the next page after your funnel a second funnel (AR page with email form), and build a second list this way. Alternatively you could swap that second AR page out with someone else’s email form, and bank clicks that way. You could do what my buddy Calvin does, and have his second page with 6 banners on it, all banking clicks with different people. The name of the game in solos is to continually switch up pages, try out different things, and build your list as fast as you can! Solos is truly a numbers game – the bigger your list, the better. For now to get up and running as quickly as possible, fix up pages in the order I am laying out here. You can always tweak, adjust, re-upload and change as you go along.

So up to now we should have fixed up :

1) Simple, good looking funnel with AR Form

When the surfer opts in – they then get redirected (fix this up in your AR) to :

2) OTO page (covered in this post)

3) Either they buy your OTO offer and you make some ca$h, or they scroll down to the bottom of your OTO page, don’t buy your offer, then click thru to the link you made that directs to

4) Your download page with PPL banners and a link to your gift.

Hopefully this isn’t too confusing!

Ok that’s it for step 3. Next we learn about tracking software and why you need it.

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