Solo Ads Step 4 – Tracking Your Clicks

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Using AdTrackzGold To Track Your Clicks

Once you have a decent funnel, OTO page and download page online and ready – you need to be able to track (log) how many clicks you are getting from the solo ads you will be buying, and more importantly the quality of them. (optin rate%) For this you will need what is called tracking software. There are several kinds on the market, but I use AdTrackzGold. Someone recommended this to me very early on in the game, and I’m so glad I bought it. I use it all day, every day, and have never once regretted spending what it cost. Click here to get it now!


After you buy and receive the software, you will need to upload AdTrackzGold to your server and do a bit of very basic configuration. I found it quick and easy to do myself, but if you aren’t comfortable with this kind of thing I’m sure whoever you host your domain(s) with can install it for you. If that option isn’t available either, I suggest you 1) get a decent host, or 2) check out this YouTube video that explains how to install AdTrackzGold yourself. :)

Once you have AdTrackzGold installed and running, you will need to be able to add in links, track clicks, and generally see where your solos are coming from, who is sending you good (quality) ones, and more importantly who isn’t. When you start buying solo ads this can become addictive at first, constantly logging in to see what’s going on with your traffic. As I said I use this program all day, every day. Confused about doing any of the above? Not a problem – Chris Cole explains it all very well in the next YouTube video below. I already posted this elsewhere on my blog, but it can’t hurt to show it again here….

With the information in this post, plus the two YouTube videos I posted above, you should have been able to get AdTrackzGold installed and running. Test it out! Work along with the video up there, make some test links and see how they work; what they do. Check your stats. Make sure you understand what is going on. Never just throw a script like this up online then leave it. Test test test!

One point I will make is that AdTrackzGold also tracks outgoing clicks, i.e. clicks you will send out yourselves, once you get to the point where you can sell sols ads that is. I will cover this in a later post, along with split testing and some other cool stuff AdTrackzGold can do :)

Ok you are nearly ready to go! If you have followed steps 1-4 of my journey thread so far, you should have the basis of what you need to start building your email list. You have an AR, a funnel, an OTO and download page, plus tracking software so you can see how your funnel is performing.

Important! Test everything! Go to your funnel. Put your email in. Make sure it gets added to your list correctly, then you should be directed straight to your OTO page. Check that all links work. All banners and links on your download page, including download of the gift itself – should be correct and working. Make sure absolutely everything does want you want it to before buying any solo ads or you’ll run into trouble down the line and waste money, which is never good :)

Lastly, if you have problems with any of the above, or indeed anything else I write about on this blog, don’t be afraid to get in touch. My email and Skype details are on the right. If I’m not around there are thousands of other people doing Solo Ads who can help! Just get hold of someone on Skype and ask for help, or post on the The Solo Ad Society Facebook Group, where you will get more help than you need from multiple people. I can’t big this place up enough – I have made so many great contacts from this one page alone it’s insane. People in the solos biz are generally helpful so don’t be afraid to ask. I messaged so many people who I’d never spoken to before when I was getting started with questions, and I don’t think one of them refused to help me. The more people you get in touch with and network with the better. I’ve met so many great people this way, just get them on Skype and say hello. More often than not you will meet similar people who are at a similar level to yourself in solos, and in turn can share tips and advice. If I could say one thing about Solo Ads, it is that networking is essential – so get that contact list built up starting right now :)

Right that’s it – keep grinding! Click here to read part 5 :)

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