Solo Ads Step 5 – Follow Up Emails

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What are ‘follow-up’ emails?
These are emails that are sent to your list automatically from inside your AR, at a given date/time specified by you. Once someone subscribes to your list, you can send them a welcome mail, for example. Expand on this by fixing up a ‘chain’ of mails, so your subscribers could receive 1 mail a day for 7 days, 1 mail a week for 8 weeks, 1 mail a month for 12 months… any sequence you like. This all has to be fixed up in your AR. If you use Aweber look for the Messages tab up top then choose Follow Ups, or if you are a Get Response kinda guy, hover over the Messages tab on your menu bar then choose Create Autoresponder. Both these ARs have plenty of pre-made message templates to choose from, but personally I write a simple text based follow-up in my html client saying Hi, and enclosing a link to my download page. This is in case they missed it, or closed their browser window by accident when they were opting into my list.


I definitely recommend sending a welcome mail with link to your download page, but what you do after this is entirely up to you. If you are going to be selling solos with your list and mailing them most days anyway, then it may be better to just have it set at one follow-up mail. I’ll leave it up to you, but once you have a subscriber on your list you are free to mail them as often as you like (within reason!) Remember that if you sent out too many emails, people will just unsubscribe from your list. So take care out there…

Setting up a follow-up is the last step you need to do before diving in at the deep end and actually buying some solo ads so clicks and subscribers start coming into your funnel, and building your email list.

Just a short post this time – you are now ready to start buying Solo Ads! Which is covered in Step 6.

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