Solo Ads Step 6 – Buy Buy Buy!

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If you’ve been following my journey thread, by now you should have your funnel set up, got an OTO page on the go, and installed your tracking software. Now you are ready to jump in, start buying Solo Ads from reputable sellers, test, tweak, and start building your email list! Remember this business, especially at first, is all about the testing. You need to move fast but buy in small, careful amounts at first from reputable sellers to get your optin rate on your funnel as close to, or above – 50%. Translated into real numbers this means that for every 100 clicks you buy, you should be getting around 50 optins added to your email list. This is why you should not run out and buy 1000 clicks from one seller straight away. You need to take it a bit easy at first and make sure your funnel is converting well with smaller amounts of clicks. Once you get your optin rate to around 50%, then you can start buying larger amounts of clicks.

So where’s the best place to get honest, reliable Solo Ads from? Well – ME of course :) Please feel free to check out my sales page here where I sell quality Solo Ads, with plenty of great testimonials from past happy customers. Get in touch with me – all contact details are over there on the right. Add me on Skype, send me a message – let’s have a chat and do some business.

I of course suggest you try out some different sellers – there are plenty of other places to go. I have compiled a list of people I regularly use myself, and can highly recommend. Click here for my list.

Also the Facebook Solo Ad Society is one of the best places online to buy solo ads. You have to get approved first, so don’t click my link there expecting to get access straight away… there will be a few days wait before you get added, but this is to weed out scammers and other lowlives who want to take advantage of newer buyers such as yourself. This group is awesome for a number of reasons, but mainly because of this fact – any scammers are quickly outed and banned, so you can rest in peace that the sellers on there are all honest people who won’t rip you off. Click here to join the Facebook Group.

There are also Skype groups but beware – you do get scammers in there sometimes who will take your money and run. A general rule of thumb is to never buy from anyone who hasn’t got a sales page and/or testimonials. The first thing I do before buying a solo from anyone is ask for a sales page. If they don’t have one they aren’t taking themselves very seriously anyway, so I just move on to the next guy. There is no shortage of Solo Ad sellers so don’t be afraid to shop around. Personal recommendations are great as well, by now you should have quite a few people on Skype, so ask your new internet buddies if they know of any good sellers as well.

Some sellers have nice buy pages where you just click the paypal button, pay your money, then you get redirected to a form where you fill in the necessary details. Kind of like this one here :) Other guys prefer to do business over Skype, or via Facebook PM. So they will send you a paypal address, where you send their money, then you will need your tracking link and swipe as above. This can all seem a little daunting when you first start out but believe me you soon get the hang of it. Buying a solo once you have everything ready takes less than 2 minutes. Whoever you are buying from will always be keen to make a sale and will help guide you thru things if you’re not sure.

Buying A Solo Ad
You need 3 things when buying a Solo Ad.

1) Paypal – to pay for the cost of the solo. (Don’t pay more than $0.40 a click at first!)
2) Tracking Link – you get this from AdTrackzGold by adding in the link to your funnel and have it generate a link. It is this link you will send to the seller and it should look something like this :
(your link won’t look exactly like this, but if you are using AdTrackzGold the format will be similar)

3) Swipe – or email. Basically your sales pitch. The Solo Ad seller will use this text, or ‘copy’ to send out in an email to their subscriber list. Sellers may be nice and write your swipe for you when you are first getting going, in fact some sellers always want to write their own – in which case you won’t need one. However it is a good thing for to have for when you are buying Solo Ads from multiple people as some of them won’t send out for you without one. Here is an example swipe, obviously you will need to change the text up depending on what kind of offer/funnel/page you are using :


Start off small, buy some 50 and 100 click solos, and shop around! Some people charge up to 60 cents a click, this is too much in my opinion. You are probably on a budget like I was when I first started, so every last cent you can squeeze out the better. There are a lof of people selling for $0.35 – $0.40 a click so look around and make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Watch your stats like a hawk – keep a tab open with your AdtrackzGold statistics page in and refresh often so you can see what is going on from each seller. Look closely at who is sending what, how quickly, and their optin% rates. This is important. You will most likely need to tweak your funnel a bit in order to get a higher optin% from when you first get going but this is fine, it’s all part of the learning process. Test and tweak your funnel until your optin rate is as close to 50% as possible.


Getting up to 60% and even 70% is achievable, but when you’re starting out,  as long as you can hit about 50% you are good to go on this step – which as the title of this post says – is Buy Buy Buy!

This is the part of getting into the Solo Ad business that you might not like too much, but it’s got to be done. Everyone has to start somewhere and when your list is 0, you aren’t going to go very far without putting some money in. All I can say is that you WILL make it back at some point down the line so consider it an investment for your future :) I made my first target of a 1k list when I first got going (1000 optins) and bought Solo Ads until it got up to that point. Once I hit 1000 optins I turned round and started selling 50 click solos. Every last penny I made from these I reinvested in buying more solos, and grew my list that way. Soon my list was big enough to be able to sell 100 click solos, again I reinvested all that money, same deal… and so your list/selling capabilities will grow. Of course this method can take some time, and if you have more money available to “put in” at the start then of course do it. Other guys I’ve spoken to doing Solo Ads put in $2k, $3k and even $5k of their own money at the beginning just so they could grow their lists a lot faster and quickly push up to being able to sell more clicks. Whichever method you choose is up to you. If you’re not in a rush take it slow, learn the ropes some more as you go along, but I’d say your magic first target is about 1000 optins on your list. At this point you will be able to turn round and begin to sell Solo Ads yourself.

So dive in :) I have clicks for sale right now! Check my sales page out and please do try my solos. I always look after my customers – you can see from all the testimonials on there – that I have a long stream of happy buyers. All contact details and other info you might need is right there on that page, or you can of course use the ones provided on this blog. Obviously I can’t sell you solos all day long, you need to try other people as well – so do check out my Friends page too. Listed on there are other sellers I have used myself and know to be honest, reliable guys.

Never be afraid to ask people around you for advice if you don’t understand any part of the process here. One thing that I love about the Solo Ad biz is that most people I meet are super helpful. No one wants to hold you back; everyone wants you to succeed. Plus, even if buying Solo Ads might sound difficult to you now, once you do it a few times you will realise that it is actually very easy indeed!

Get stuck in folks! As always get in touch I’d love to hear from you. Details are here

Watch out for Step 7 – coming soon!

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