Lingo / Terminology

Like any strain of IM (internet marketing), the solo ads game is packed to the gills with abbreviations, acronyms, nicknames and other assorted mumbo jumbo that could well confuse a beginner. So I thought this page might be a good idea, to list as many of them as I could and explain what they all mean. If you think there’s something missing, please get in touch and let me know so I can add it.

IM – Internet Marketing

Solo Ads – Also known as ‘solos’. These are what you buy from Solo Ad sellers on the facebook solos group, skype groups, WSO pages…. Will usually come in the form of multiples of 50 clicks (50 clicks, 100 clicks, 200 clicks etc) Can be found for prices from $quite-low to $probably-overpriced, so make sure you shop around! Solo Ad Society is consistently one of the best places I have found for cheap solos. A good tip is to buy from newbies with fresh lists. They will be selling for cheap and their lists won’t have been hammered to death so conversions are generally better.

Tracking Link – A link you will give to someone when you buy a solo. You can of course give them just a straight url, but when buying solos you really need to be able to track who sends what, where from, and how many! Using a program such as AdTrackzGold, you enter your url into its interface and it spits out a tracking link that will look something like this :

Give this to your seller, then they will send out a mail using this code for the links. You can then check in AdTrackGold’s statistics interface to see how many clicks sellers send you. Once you start selling solos yourself, you will also use tracking links to check how many clicks you are sending out from your end.

Swipe – In solos, a swipe is the name given to an email. You will need a subject line (subject of the mail) plus body text (the ‘body’ of the email – or your sales pitch and links) Another thing you will have to give to a seller along with your tracking link when you purchase a solo from them. Click here to see an example.

Clicks – The all important thing in solos! It’s all about the clicks :) Whether buying or selling, you need as many as possible. A click is when someone ‘clicks’ a link in an email that you send. This sends them from that email to your funnel, or someone else’s funnel if you are selling clicks rather than buying.

Funnel – Or squeeze page. I have covered this in my blog post here.

OTO – One Time Offer page. Covered in a blog post here.

Optimize Press – If you’re not too good at programming html, you may want to consider this wordpress plug in for designing your squeeze pages. Great plug and play interface means you can have your funnels up and running in no time. I have covered Optimize Press a bit more in this blog post so read that if you like, or if you want to go straight to the Optimize Press website just click here.

Click Banking – The more clicks the merrier! And another way of increasing clicks to your funnel is to ‘bank’ them with another (usually bigger) list owner. So you send clicks to them and keep tally of how many with a tracking link (explained further up this page). Once you hit a certain number of clicks, you can then turn round and ask your ‘banker’ to send you these clicks back, and in turn generate more optins to your own list.

Click Swapping – A good way of building your email list up even further without actually having to invest yet more money in buying solo ads, or clicks. Once you know your list can send x amount of clicks with a mailing, you can then ‘swap’ this number of clicks with another list owner. You both send out a mail, for free, with links to each others funnels. Neither of you has to put up any money, and you will both benefit from the extra leads that this trade will generate.

EPC – Earnings Per Click. If someone sends you 500 clicks and you make $300 in sales, your EPC would be $1.67 (500/300)

CPC – Cost Per Click. If you paid $35 for 100 clicks and received 114 clicks, your CPC would be $0.31 (35/114)

CPA – Cost Per Action. In solos an ‘action’ is generally an optin (email address) So if you pay $35 for a solo and get 53 optins out of it – your CPA is $0.66 (53/35)

ROI – Return On Investment. If you spend $35 on a 100 click solo ad, and make back $47 in oto sales, then your ROI is $12 (47-35)

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

Please get in touch if there’s any other terms you would like explaining. Contact info on the right :)