Feb 16

Adding Paypal Buttons To Your Website

Jayson Benoit has some excellent videos so I thought I’d post a couple of them here, saves me having to make my own versions of something that has already been done 🙂 As I covered in step 3 of my journey, before uploading your OTO page you will need to add your own paypal button into the html, to ensure you get paid any money earned and not someone else. If you’re confused about how to do this, then no problem – Jayson explains it very well here :

Feb 16

Solo Ads Step 4 – Tracking Your Clicks

Previous parts of this journey – one – two – three

Using AdTrackzGold To Track Your Clicks

Once you have a decent funnel, OTO page and download page online and ready – you need to be able to track (log) how many clicks you are getting from the solo ads you will be buying, and more importantly the quality of them. (optin rate%) For this you will need what is called tracking software. There are several kinds on the market, but I use AdTrackzGold. Someone recommended this to me very early on in the game, and I’m so glad I bought it. I use it all day, every day, and have never once regretted spending what it cost. Click here to get it now!


After you buy and receive the software, you will need to upload AdTrackzGold to your server and do a bit of very basic configuration. I found it quick and easy to do myself, but if you aren’t comfortable with this kind of thing I’m sure whoever you host your domain(s) with can install it for you. If that option isn’t available either, I suggest you 1) get a decent host, or 2) check out this YouTube video that explains how to install AdTrackzGold yourself. 🙂

Once you have AdTrackzGold installed and running, you will need to be able to add in links, track clicks, and generally see where your solos are coming from, who is sending you good (quality) ones, and more importantly who isn’t. When you start buying solo ads this can become addictive at first, constantly logging in to see what’s going on with your traffic. As I said I use this program all day, every day. Confused about doing any of the above? Not a problem – Chris Cole explains it all very well in the next YouTube video below. I already posted this elsewhere on my blog, but it can’t hurt to show it again here….

With the information in this post, plus the two YouTube videos I posted above, you should have been able to get AdTrackzGold installed and running. Test it out! Work along with the video up there, make some test links and see how they work; what they do. Check your stats. Make sure you understand what is going on. Never just throw a script like this up online then leave it. Test test test!

One point I will make is that AdTrackzGold also tracks outgoing clicks, i.e. clicks you will send out yourselves, once you get to the point where you can sell sols ads that is. I will cover this in a later post, along with split testing and some other cool stuff AdTrackzGold can do 🙂

Ok you are nearly ready to go! If you have followed steps 1-4 of my journey thread so far, you should have the basis of what you need to start building your email list. You have an AR, a funnel, an OTO and download page, plus tracking software so you can see how your funnel is performing.

Important! Test everything! Go to your funnel. Put your email in. Make sure it gets added to your list correctly, then you should be directed straight to your OTO page. Check that all links work. All banners and links on your download page, including download of the gift itself – should be correct and working. Make sure absolutely everything does want you want it to before buying any solo ads or you’ll run into trouble down the line and waste money, which is never good 🙂

Lastly, if you have problems with any of the above, or indeed anything else I write about on this blog, don’t be afraid to get in touch. My email and Skype details are on the right. If I’m not around there are thousands of other people doing Solo Ads who can help! Just get hold of someone on Skype and ask for help, or post on the The Solo Swap Syndicate Facebook Group, where you will get more help than you need from multiple people. I can’t big this place up enough – I have made so many great contacts from this one page alone it’s insane. People in the solos biz are generally helpful so don’t be afraid to ask. I messaged so many people who I’d never spoken to before when I was getting started with questions, and I don’t think one of them refused to help me. The more people you get in touch with and network with the better. I’ve met so many great people this way, just get them on Skype and say hello. More often than not you will meet similar people who are at a similar level to yourself in solos, and in turn can share tips and advice. If I could say one thing about Solo Ads, it is that networking is essential – so get that contact list built up starting right now 🙂

Right that’s it – keep grinding! Click here to read part 5 🙂

Jan 20

Solo Ads Step 3 – One Time Offer Page

Previous parts of this journey – onetwo

Now that you have a funnel uploaded, you need something to put ‘behind’ your squeeze page. This is the next page the surfer will see once they sign up to your mailing list, and the one before they actually get to the free gift you have on offer. You can put up different kinds of pages here other than an OTO, and I will cover these in future posts, but right now we are going to go over what’s called a One Time Offer page, or OTO for short. Of course you don’t have to put an OTO page in your sequence at all, but it seems silly not to, especially when it gives you a chance to snag some sales for $$ along the way 🙂  An OTO is the option most people use when doing Solo Ads, especially when they first get going.

So our sequence of pages will be as follows :

1) Funnel with AR form + optin offer such a free gift/ebook/report/etc (example click here)
2) OTO page (example click here)
3) Download page for free gift + PPL banners (example click here)

Now the three steps I have outlined above are not the law – people tend to use variations on a theme here and the more you learn about the solos market, the more you will probably end up changing your own sequence of pages around slightly until you settle on one that works best for you and your list. Steps 1-3 above are what I was advised to use when I first started in solos so this is what I did. There are no hard and fast rules – I am merely outlining the basics here. More advanced options and methods will be covered later on in this journey.

What does an OTO page consist of / look like? Be easiest to show you – here is one : Click Here
You can see it’s basically a sales page with one or more ‘Buy Now’ paypal buttons, then a continue link right down at the bottom to get to the page where your free gift is (the one subscribers to your list signed up to get!) When you buy a decent PLR (private label rights) product you will get all the graphics, web/sales pages, buy button and such like included. All you have to do is put your paypal button code into the webpage so any monies paid go to you, upload them, and you’re set 🙂 The idea here is to ‘snag’ people who optin on your list to buy your one time offer on their way to your download page. Depending on the quality of the clicks you buy, and the quality/price of your product – will depend on how many OTO sales you get. Please don’t think you will get 10 sales a day from your OTO page, BUT provided you pick a good product you should get some, and this is all more money going into your paypal account, which you can then turn around and invest into yet more solo ads to build your email list with.

Where do I get these OTOs from to put on my page(s)? These are mostly known as PLR products, or Private Label Rights. You can download some of them for free, or pay a small amount for others. Included in the price are your (private, label) rights to re-sell and rebrand the product – hence the name! Some good sites to get PLR from are as follows :

Master Resale Rights
Easy PLR
Resell Rights Weekly
Free PLR eBooks
PLR Assassin
PLR eBook Club

Take a look around and pick one you think would do well. I’ve found that list building guides, getting traffic guides, and general make money online (MMO) kind of offers do best. Remember people signing up for solos lists are generally of the ‘make a buck quickly’ variety so bear that in mind when selecting a product.

Advanced / alternative OTO options

Once you get going and have optins coming into your list, feel free to play around with your one time offer page! You don’t just have to upload one then leave it there. Experiment with different price points and offers. You can never do enough testing in this business, and your OTO page is no exception. I put my first OTO offer up priced at $7, and was promptly advised that this was too cheap, and that a) I should price the first offer a little higher (anywhere between $12-$17) plus b) I should use not one but two OTO pages. In this case the surfer would optin to your list, then be redirected to the first OTO page with a higher price point. If they ignore this page and don’t buy your product, hit them with a second, cheaper OTO offer on the next page, before they finally get redirected to your free product at the end. See this in action here.

Another way of thinking in solo ads is to miss an OTO page out altogether, and instead redirect to clickbanking after optin. This, again, will be covered in future posts. What I am doing right now is outlining the basics so you, as a newbie, can get up and running as quickly as possible without getting too overwhelmed. As I said earlier – what’s outlined in my blog posts here are not the law. You could make the next page after your funnel a second funnel (AR page with email form), and build a second list this way. Alternatively you could swap that second AR page out with someone else’s email form, and bank clicks that way. You could do what my buddy Calvin does, and have his second page with 6 banners on it, all banking clicks with different people. The name of the game in solos is to continually switch up pages, try out different things, and build your list as fast as you can! Solos is truly a numbers game – the bigger your list, the better. For now to get up and running as quickly as possible, fix up pages in the order I am laying out here. You can always tweak, adjust, re-upload and change as you go along.

So up to now we should have fixed up :

1) Simple, good looking funnel with AR Form

When the surfer opts in – they then get redirected (fix this up in your AR) to :

2) OTO page (covered in this post)

3) Either they buy your OTO offer and you make some ca$h, or they scroll down to the bottom of your OTO page, don’t buy your offer, then click thru to the link you made that directs to

4) Your download page with PPL banners and a link to your gift.

Hopefully this isn’t too confusing – remember you can always check my pages out to see how I did it 🙂

1) My simple good looking funnel with AR form
2) My OTO page (scroll down to see link to download page at the bottom)
3) My download page with PPL banners and link to gift

PPL (pay per lead) will be covered in another post 🙂

Ok that’s it for step 3. Next we learn about tracking software and why you need it.

Click here to continue on to step 4 of this journey!

Jan 16

Solo Ads Step 2 – Creating Your Funnel

For part 1 of this journey – please click here

I will detail step 2 of my journey here – creating a funnel, or squeeze page as they are also known.
This is the web page with an offer and email form on – where you will send clicks, to get your leads (email addresses) and build up your list! Note : leads are also known as ‘subs (subscriptions) or ‘optins‘.

Squeeze Page Design/Coding

Once you have a domain name and hosting (see part 1) you will need to design your webpage(s), and upload them, then surfers can see them – and more importantly you can start to buy solo ads which in turn will build up your subscriber list! The way I see it you have two choices :

1) Install WordPress on your domain (free), plus a copy of the Optimize Press plugin ($97)

If you have no experience in programming html, and you have some spare ca$h – you may want to take this route. Most hosts will either install WordPress for you or have oneclick installs available in their admin. If not – installing it yourself is easy and doesn’t take long. There are oodles of help pages and tutorials on how to do this – just search Google or Youtube. Once you have this installed – Optimize Press is a great WordPress plugin that does all the hard (funnel design) work for you. Click here to get it. It’s $97 I’m afraid, but as I said, if you can’t program your own web pages it’s money well spent. So many people I know doing solo ads use this plug in and make some great sales pages with it to boot – you can go and check out the sales video they have on their page, and see if you think it would work for you. 🙂

2) Design your own pages using an html editor such as Dreamweaver and upload them with an FTP client.

If you are short of funds, don’t mind programming your own webpages, and are happy to use an FTP client – then this route may be the one for you. I’ve been using Dreamweaver for years so didn’t have an issue making my own pages. If you don’t know what an FTP client is – this is the software you need for uploading webpages to your server space. For PC or Mac, Filezilla works great and is free.

So how did I decide on a design? Well simply put I looked around a lot in the Facebook Solo Ad Society group – if you aren’t a member I highly recommend you sign up now – and quickly found a lot of threads with people posting their funnels, asking for opinions/advice on them, etc… so that is a good place to find ideas and inspiration. I also posted some examples of squeeze pages in part 1 of this journey thread so go and check those out too. A third way of finding good squeeze pages is to just browse the web and look for them – Google is your friend 🙂 Any pages you find that you think are good, bookmark them, or keep a text file of the best ones. (I do this) A quick hack to making your own funnel is to simply download one you found online, open it in Dreamweaver, play around with it, change colours, strip out all the links and replace with your own, then upload and test! If what I have written here in option 2) seems like too much hard work, or beyond your skill set – no worries – don’t get discouraged! Just look at option 1) instead. If you missed it the first time, the Facebook Solo Ad Society group is an awesome place to meet super helpful people who are very open with their advice, tips, suggestions, and what to do in the world of solo ads. Don’t hesitate – jump in and join the group today 🙂 If all else fails and you can’t do either of the 2 above steps and have some spare money, you can always pay for a designer to make you a squeeze page. 

So back to design…now I’ll be the first to admit that when I first started making funnels, I had no idea what I was doing. I just threw something together that I thought might work – click here to see my first attempt at a funnel. The design isn’t bad, I mean it looks ok, but I uploaded it, then did what you should do too – make contacts, add people as friends who are in the Facebook Group, and on Skype too, then ask their opinion on what you’ve done. 99% of people I’ve met this way have been more than helpful, and given me so much advice on how to improve all elements of what I am doing with my solo ads business. I uploaded my first squeeze page, hit a few people up on Skype, and half an hour later, slightly amazed over how eager to help everyone was – I had loads of pointers on what to do next. General opinion was that this page had too much text, was too ‘busy’. Too much going on. I learnt that funnels need to be short, sweet, and to the point. After playing around with some more variations of this page – you can see them here, here, and here, I went back to my new friends on Skype, got the thumbs up from them, then started buying solo ads straight away – to test out my pages and see how they performed. 🙂

The results weren’t good 🙁 The pages above were getting a 21-36% optin rate.
Hang on a minute – what’s an optin rate? This is easy to work out with simple maths!
Say you buy 100 clicks and get 35 optins to your list. This would be a 35% optin rate. (35/100)
Say you buy 200 clicks and get 87 optins to your list. This would be a 44% optin rate. (87/200)

Whenever buying solo ads this % is one of the most important things to keep an eye on.
The higher the better, and you definitely want as close to 50%, more if possible.
Keep tweaking, testing, and trying to improve your squeeze pages all the time!

I went back to the drawing board, got stuck into Google and the Facebook Group, and looked around for more funnels. I kept seeing simpler and simpler squeeze pages compared to the designs I had done, so decided to dump my original funnel completely and start afresh. After some messing about in Photoshop and Dreamweaver, I ended up with a brand new one that looks like this.

Eager to see what the results would be like, I bought some more solos ads straight away. The results this time round were amazing – I was hitting 50-55% optin rate, and up, on pretty much every order – even getting 61% in one case! Not only that, my Skype friends were telling me I could improve this conversion rate even further by split testing. (more about this in another blog post) It was at this point I knew I could start putting more money into buying solos, and increase the size of my Aweber list.

Solos is purely a numbers game and here is why your optin rate is so important. Say I continued to buy clicks on my older low optin rate of 21-36%. 100 clicks will cost you around $40, so putting in that $40 will get you back in between 21 and 36 new leads, roughly. So per lead that works out at inbetween $1.11 and $1.90 each. (40/36 = $1.11) (40/21 = $1.90)  Sounds expensive right?

Let’s do the same example with my new higher optin rate of 55%. $40 for 100 clicks in this case should get me back about 55 leads. This time each lead will cost me about $0.72. (40/55 = $0.72) It’s not perfect by any means, and I really think this % could go even higher by playing around with my page some more, but you can see the vast difference between the first example and the second. You simply get more bang for your buck, or more email addresses for your dollar in this case 🙂

Now I had a vastly improved optin rate on my funnel, it was time to dump some more money in to this project, buy more solo ads, and increase the size of my Aweber list.

Note : Before you buy any solo ads for your new funnel – make sure you have an OTO (one time offer) page set up for the surfers to be redirected to once they optin! I have detailed this in the next step of my journey.

Ok I hope this post has been helpful for some people, please do post your comments below if you have any. 🙂 Don’t forget to join the Facebook Group, keep adding new contacts on Skype – network network network!

Click here to see part 3 of this journey!

Jan 12

How To Send To Unopens In Aweber

Why Chris Cole‘s videos don’t get more views is beyond me.
As a relative beginner to Solo Ads, I found this youtube he did super useful.

Brief explanation – When you send out a broadcast in Aweber, no matter how responsive your list is – you will be left with ‘unopens’ afterwards. Unopens are simply people who didn’t open the email. Whether they trashed the mail, didn’t open it, missed it, are on holiday, or whatever, people who didn’t open the email you sent are known as unopens. So what we do in Aweber to snag as many of our list as possible into opening your mail, is to resend the same message, but using a different subject line. Doing this will hopefully get more people in your list into opening the (second) mail, and therefore clicking your links! I could go into this further but it’s kind of pointless, when Chris takes you thru everything on video.

Watch and learn people :

Dec 18

Creating An HTML Sponsor Page

Typically with IM you have multiple logins and passwords for multiple sites, most likely multiple email addresses (all with different passwords)…multiple forum logins / passwords.. and before too long keeping track of everything becomes a total nightmare. I’m pretty OCD with my organisation and have found that the best way to keep everything organised, together, and to hand – is in the form of an html sponsor page.

When I first started working online I would keep one text file for each sponsor/website/forum containing info such as 1) the original join email I received 2) user/pass 3) website url 4) any other notes. This worked fine, and kept things together in one directory on my computer, but once I got to 200+ sponsors/logins/passwords, searching through it all became a massive pain in the arse. I needed everything in one place, easily readable, plus it would be nice to have links there too, so I could click and get to where I wanted to go instantly. And so my sponsor page was born. Even better, this year I’ve switched to storing it on Dropbox, so worst case scenario – all my computers get stolen and/or my apartment burns down, I can move to any other computer, pull the page down from Dropbox, and carry on like nothing ever happened. The only password I ever have to remember now is my Dropbox one. If you decided to follow this method and use a sponsor page, make sure to keep that one password super safe!

I’ve uploaded an example of what a sponsor page should/could look like. Of course you don’t have to keep the same format, feel free to switch it up. If like me you have hundreds of different sponsors and logins, you can always make a few different pages, keep things sorted by niche, or whatever. I’m on a big monitor here, so can see this whole page fine. If you are on a smaller screen then you can obviously adjust table width, font size, and layout to suit.

Click here to see an example sponsor page (will open in a new window)
I’ve included a few sponsors and sites that I use on here, but adjusted all the links so nothing goes to anything personal of mine. Also all the logins and passwords are changed to user / pass.
Yes this page looks totally ghetto. It’s not supposed to be pretty, just to function, and it does that fine. 😉

Brief explanation of layout (if you really need it)

1) Sponsor Link user / pass

  • For every sponsor link, edit the text and html link, then I write the user and pass next to it in text.
  • Example : Twitter martin123 / hull34bird

2) Sponsor Link user / pass Ref

  • For every sponsor link, edit the text and html link, then I write the user and pass next to it in text.
  • The ‘Ref‘ after user / pass in this case is your referral link to the sponsor. Never get lost again when someone asks for your ref code. Right click – copy link location – paste. Job done!
  • Example : Dropbox funkylemon / rufflesabc Ref

Notes and tips : 

I set every link on my page to open in a new window. ( target=”_blank” ) This way my sponsor page is always open. I use this page more than any other, I even have it set as my home page. Setting your browser home page to your sponsor page means you can get to anywhere in your network with just two mouse clicks, including being able to pull out any ref code you might need to copy/paste.

Store your sponsor page on Dropbox, and edit it from Dropbox too! This way you know that whatever changes you make, are always going to be instantly stored on the cloud, and can instantly be pulled down on any other device (iPad, iPhone, friend’s computer, internet cafe, etc) Dropbox has a nifty plug in where it integrates with Finder (mac) and Windows Explorer (windows) so doing things this way is super easy.

Don’t want to use Dropbox? No problem – Google Drive offers the same kind of deal.

I usually have Dreamweaver open anyway, but whenever I sign up with any sponsor/program/forum I have got into the habit of instantly creating a new link for it on my sponsor page. How long it will take you to make a page like this initially depends on how many sponsors you are joined up with. But once you have everything down in one place, adding a new one here and there takes just a few seconds.

You don’t just have to keep this page to sponsor logins. I use mine as a bit of a ‘scratchpad’ as well, with links to other random pages I might use a lot, phone numbers, internet bank code logins, all sorts. If you don’t want to put very personal info up on there, fine – you don’t have to! It’s your page you can do what you like with it. If you do choose to store sensitive information on it, I suggest abbreviating the passwords in some way so only you will know what the full phrase is.

I’ll finish with saying that once I got a sponsor page up and online, my IM life became a LOT easier. I’ve never lost a login, password or ref link since. I can grab any data or ref code I need within two mouse clicks from any computer, anywhere. Get organised! Which in turn will give you more time to work. 🙂

Questions? Feel free to get in touch – details over on the right.

Dec 15

Coding The Perfect Exit Console

One thing I have found that improves conversions on any funnel (squeeze) page is the use of an exit console. An exit console will ‘pop’ a little window if/when a surfer goes to leave your page before entering in their email, with another offer. This increases your chances of getting them to opt in to one of your lists.

So how do we do it? This may seem a bit long winded at first but trust me the instructions are pretty simple once you get your head round it. Feel free to get in touch if you are having any problems.

Copy paste the following code in blue into your html page, in between the <head> and </head> tags.

<script language=”javascript”>
(function() {
setTimeout(function() {
var __redirect_to = ‘http://www.yourofferurlgoeshere.com’;//
var _tags = [‘button’, ‘input’, ‘a’], _els, _i, _i2;
for(_i in _tags) {_els = document.getElementsByTagName(_tags[_i]);
for(_i2 in _els) {if((_tags[_i] == ‘input’ && _els[_i2].type != ‘button’ && _els[_i2].type != ‘submit’ && _els[_i2].type != ‘image’) || _els[_i2].target == ‘_blank’) continue;_els[_i2].onclick = function() {window.onbeforeunload = function(){};}}}
window.onbeforeunload = function() {
setTimeout(function() {window.onbeforeunload = function() {};setTimeout(function() {document.location.href = __redirect_to;}, 500);},5);return ‘**********************************\nHold On A Minute There Cowboy!!**********************************\n\nClick *CANCEL* Or *STAY ON THIS PAGE*\nTo Take Advantage Of This Amazing Offer :\n\nGet 3 FREE Email List Building Ebooks!\nYours Today for $0 – Absolutely FREE!\n\n**********************************\n’;}}}, 500);})();</script>

Before we go any further – you are going to need to edit certain parts of the above code.

1) Substitute http://www.yourofferurlgoeshere.com for the url you wish to send your exits to.

2) This exit console is set up for me giving away 3 free E-books, so you will most likely want to personalise the message to suit your offer. The code below is for the text that comes up in the exit pop…

‘**********************************\nHold On A Minute There Cowboy!!**********************************\n\nClick *CANCEL* Or *STAY ON THIS PAGE*\nTo Take Advantage Of This Amazing Offer :\n\nGet 3 FREE Email List Building Ebooks!\nYours Today for $0 – Absolutely FREE!\n\n**********************************\n

will produce an exit window like so :


So you can see roughly from the blue text above what does what in the exit pop up.
NB : \n is a line break – and you can work the rest out on your own I’m sure 🙂
If/when the surfer clicks ‘Stay on this Page’ they get redirected to the url as specified in 1)

Ok we aren’t done yet. What you really want is for the console NOT to pop if the surfer enters their email into your funnel and opts in. We get this to work by editing our Aweber code like so :


Choose the Raw HTML Version and you will see the following :


I  copy paste all of this code into a notepad file so I can edit it easily.
You are only looking for one line anyway – which is this one :

<input name=”submit” type=”submit” value=”Submit” tabindex=”502″ />

Your code may be slightly different if you have used a custom button, but you need the full line that starts with  <input name=”submit”…… This is the only line of text that needs editing. Next we need a command that will tell the page NOT to pop an exit console if the surfer opts in – which is this :


Added to the end of your line of code from Aweber, we end up with the following :

<input name=”submit” type=”submit” value=”Submit” tabindex=”502″ onclick=”exit=false” />

Ok you’re done 🙂 Paste the Aweber code into your webpage, upload, test, and you are ready to go.

I uploaded a page where you can see this in action – click here to get to that 🙂

This console is tested and working in Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox.
NB : the custom exit pop up window does not come up in Firefox, instead it only displays the following :


The functionality works just fine though.
Thanks go to Zeid Makkawi from the Solo Swap Syndicate Facebook group for providing me with some of the original code, then I got in and worked the rest out with the power of Google 🙂

Dec 15

How To Track With AdTrackzGold

I originally intended to write a whole blog post about this, but found a great guide on YouTube that explains most of what I wanted to say. With permission from my man Chris Cole, here is the video – compulsory viewing for anyone wanting to get started with setting up and using AdTrackzGold.

If you are doing Solo Ads, or any other form of click tracking – I strongly recommend AdTrackzGold.

Dec 15

Solo Ads Step 1 – Getting Started

What is a Solo Ad?
I’ll try and keep it as simple as possible here. A ‘Solo Ad’ is when you (generally) pay someone to mail their email list, on your behalf, with a recommendation and link to your free optin offer squeeze page, otherwise known as a ‘funnel’. This builds your email list, and once it is big enough, you can 1) sell your own Solo Ads to other people in exchange for cold hard cash, and 2) Do ‘Ad Swaps’ with other people in order to build your (email) list up even further. The quicker you build your list, and the more people you have on it – the better. Solo Ads is truly a numbers game.

Eh? Squeeze page? Funnel? Ad Swaps?
I know I know… like any strain of IM (internet marketing), Solo Ads has loads of terminology, acronyms and abbreviations going on. The quicker you learn them all the better, but in the meantime I think showing people examples is the best way to go. So I’ve linked to some typical squeeze pages, or funnels – here, here, here, here and here. Take a look at these so you get a clearer idea of what I’m talking about. Just writing these first few lines has made me think I should do a page explaining all the terminology, so I’ll get onto that soon enough. Make sure you keep an eye out for it. An ‘Ad Swap’ since you asked, is where two people mail each other’s lists in exchange (no money involved, just a straight email swap). As long as the two people can send each other the same amount of clicks, everyone is happy and both lists will get more subscribers, which is the name of the game here.

What will I need to get going with Solo Ads?
Money lol. Thought I’d get that in there straight away. You will need at least a bit of money in order to start, specifically for a domain, hosting and an AR (auto responder) email service such as Aweber (the best in my opinion). For registering domains, I seriously recommend Namecheap over all the others. As my tools page says, I’ve been buying domains for over 15 years, and have had total nightmares with GoDaddy, CheapDomains, NetRegistry and all the others. Namecheap have never once messed me around, hijacked any of my domains, buggered anything up… they are a solid registrar and I can’t recommend them enough. You can get a .info over there for less than $4 which is a small price to pay when you are first getting started. For hosting, hmm I can’t suggest anyone off hand for a beginner as I’ve used mine for over 10 years and host a lot of sites over there, so they are quite expensive. Checking Google is probably your best bet, I’ll ask some people about this over the next week and come back to edit this post if they give me some good suggestions.

So once you’ve got your domain and hosting up, you now have some webspace to upload your funnels to! I’m afraid I can’t get into all the details of how to set up your domains/hosting/ftp transfers here, it would take way too much time. If you are a total n00b (don’t worry we all were at some point!) just get on over to Google – where there are endless help pages and video tutorials on how to do all of this stuff.

Next you are going to need an AR (auto responder) email service in order to collect email addresses and build your list. Like I already said, the best in the business is Aweber as they have the highest delivery rate. You can get a trial of their service for a full month for just $1 by clicking this link. Ok  – domain(s), hosting, and AR set up and paid for – now you can move onto building your first squeeze page, or funnel.

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