Very happy to be able to share this one with you today guys – and it’s all good news for anyone involved in solo ads 🙂 Yesterday launched – the world’s first real-time solo ad marketplace.

Whether you buy clicks, sell them, or both – you have to check this site out NOW. If you’ve been doing IM for any amount of time you will have no doubt heard the phrase “game changer” used over and over again – but in this case it really does apply. Like every new iPhone release – this. changes. everything!

So what makes Solochecker so good? Read on and I’ll tell you all about it 🙂

Firstly – joining up to the site as a buyer is 100% FREE! Unlike Safe-Swaps, there is no monthly charge if you want to buy solo ads thru Solochecker. Sellers – if you join up and get started selling soon, you can bag one of their exclusive limited free seller accounts.. but you better be quick….they are going fast!

It’s worth pointing out here too that Safe Swaps recently introduced an 11% charge on all transactions processed thru their site. Which is a) a total piss take, and b) even more reason to go take a look at Solochecker if you are in the solos business. This is going to cause a big shift in how things are done.

Next – as a solo ad buyer or seller – have you ever seen this when you log on in a morning? This is what my Skype and Facebook notifications look like every single day when I get out of bed… (groan)

Good Morning!

One word – bunfight. There’s way too much going on here. Yes, IM is a 24 hour business and we all know this – but look at all that information. It hurts my brain just looking at it. The sheer number of mouse clicks, scrolling and page views needed to even catch up on everything is insane. As things stand now :

As a buyer, I have about 50 different rooms and pages to choose from where I can go and look for clicks. All this takes time. There’s no real order. Everything is just piled in on top of the previous posts and you have to scroll down to see what’s been going on. You could well have missed a good deal from a few hours ago. Furthermore, there’s rarely any indication if clicks have actually sold once they are advertised, so I could easily waste heaps of time getting hold of sellers – only to find they have no more clicks left. The whole process is massively time consuming, and the last thing you need when trying to buy solos.

As a seller, I have to copy paste any ads to the same 50 different rooms and pages. Again – all this takes time that I haven’t really got. Once I post my ad it takes about 4 seconds for someone else to paste theirs and knock mine down the Facebook page or Skype group chat. 2 minutes later my ad is pushed all the way down where no one can see it, buried in a mass of other people’s posts. If I do make a deal and sell a click package from an advert of mine, going back to every copy of it and indicating that it’s been sold, would take forever. I often post an ad for a click package, sell it within minutes, then have another 6 people message me wanting to buy it over the next few hours. It’s extra hassle explaining to them that it’s unavailable, then takes even more time and effort trying to sell them packages for another date..


You can see from what I have written here that the current way of buying and selling solo ads online is… outdated? Stupid? A waste of time? Disorganised? Soul destroying? Yep – all of these things and more!

In short – it’s time for

Solochecker is the world’s first real-time solo ad marketplace. Everything is done in one central place – making it super easy whether you are buying or selling solo ads. This gives you complete visibility of all available solo ad offers, and best deals.. for any date. Simply put, this means you spend less time searching for your perfect solo ad, and more time on what is important to you! Find and reserve your solo ad in seconds, not hours! I’ll add a couple of screenshots of the members area right here…

Members Area Screenshot

As a Solo Ad seller you can instantly display your offers to their ever growing audience of buyers searching for high quality, and dependable traffic. Solochecker’s newly developed real time technology guarantees your solo ads will be visible to the entire marketplace the very moment you include them.

Members Area Screenshot

I’ve been hawking solo ads for the last 9 months and am personally over the moon that Solochecker has launched. The whole industry has been crying out for something like this. I could spend more time going on about the site’s good points and benefits of being a member but why bother – just click this link here and read all about it for yourself over at the site! As I said before, this is a game changer. A real one. If you are involved in solo ads in any way – you owe it to yourself to get joined up over there immediately.

Lastly – Tim, one of the developers/owners of this site, is a good friend of mine and we’ve been working together on other projects for months. I know more than most how much time, energy, blood, sweat and tears has been put into getting this site developed and off the ground. It’s nothing short of exceptional.

Up your IM game! And join the Solochecker revolution today.

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